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Keys to Reading announces a new, exciting program.

            Lifelong Learners - Ages 20+

Learning doesn’t end with a school diploma.  Adults all over the world are sitting in classrooms learning new skills in order to improve their lives.  Director, Rhonda, created the Lifelong Learners program for the average learner seeking to improve his overall academic skills in the workplace or for the adult with special needs who requires more basic skill knowledge in reading or writing. Instruction is explicit and individualized strategies are developed based upon your current and future learning needs.

Some of the learning goals of the Lifelong Learners program geared for adults, ages 20+ are:

  • GED study
  • College remediation in English, Reading or Writing
  • Filling out employment or online job application forms
  • Resume Writing
  • Creating a cover letter
  • Test-taking strategies for career advancement
  • Improving overall basic reading, writing, comprehension and spelling skills

Director, Rhonda, will provide all adults in the Lifelong Learners program:

  • A learner-friendly, warm environment to work and study
  • Regular and constructive projects or tasks that reflect your interests
  • Meaningful learning experiences that are closely linked to your career and future life goals
  • Constructive feedback

Keys to Reading is a unique program in that we provide instruction in a friendly, one-on-one environment.  If you want to improve basic skills in your school, life or career, please call Director, Rhonda, today.  She will be happy to discuss, answer and devise an individualized learning plan for you in a free consultation.




Please call Rhonda at (516) 829-4048 and/or email at any further questions you may have regarding this exciting new innovative program.