Keys to Reading, Inc.

 Great Neck, New York 11023                      (516) 829-4048

What makes Keys to Reading a unique individualized tutoring program?

Keys to Reading is run by a professional learning disabilities specialist who is also the parent of a special needs child. Its approach recognizes the sensitive, unspoken, social-emotional and academic characteristics of the special needs student and adult. 

  • Each session is tailor made to the unique strengths and challenges of the student in a nurturing, creative environment.
  • Keys to Reading believes in a multidisciplinary team approach whereby parent, school and tutor work closely together. It emphasizes the importance of interacting with school administration, teachers, and itinerant staff and assists parents in understanding the often confusing aspects of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP), testing terminology and school-based programs and curriculum.
  • Keys to Reading specializes in providing unique strategies that is not readily available in a traditional classroom or workplace. These strategies will give the learner the ability to decode single and multisyllabic words, understand syllable rules and language patterns to spell, read and comprehend stories, construct logical paragraphs and essays, and build organizational and study skills.

Call (516) 829-4048 or email for more information on how Keys to Reading can help students, teenagers and adults of all ages "unlock" their reading, writing and spelling potential.