Keys to Reading, Inc.

 Great Neck, New York 11023                      (516) 829-4048


What indicators might lead an individual to contact us?

  • confuses, adds, deletes, transposes or reverses letters
  • spells poorly  
  • spends endless time rereading lines
  • skips complete words or lines
  • unable to follow directions easily
  • cannot absorb information on the printed page
  • illegible writing
  • anxious, frustrated or disoriented when reading

Who benefits from the program?

  • slow readers 
  • students/adults who "get stuck" at several points in a reading passage
  • students/adults who have difficulty reading new or multisyllabic words
  • poor spellers
  • students/adults who lack basic phonological awareness and phoneme segmentation
  • students/adults who do not know the basic principles of language structure
  • poor writers
  • students/adults who have lost confidence due to previous, unsuccessful programs
  • students/adults with short and long term memory challenges
  • adults who are taking the GED or taking a test for a career change