Keys to Reading, Inc.


Keys to Reading announces an exciting new program.

All Stars - Ages 6-12

The All-Stars program is for kids ranging from ages 6-12. As kids enter their school years, they become increasingly more independent. Kids in second and third grade continue to learn more phonics patterns and sight words for reading and spelling as well as learn how to read aloud more expressively and fluently. Ideally, at this age, children have learned “how to read,” and are now ready to “read to learn.” In the fourth through seventh grade, kids usually begin to explore and understand varied kinds of texts, identify parts of speech and major elements of a story, and read to extract specific information or analyze texts for meaning.


Aligned with the Common Core State Standards, some reading and writing goals emphasized in the All-Stars program (ages 6-12) are:



• Read text aloud accurately, using appropriate pacing, phrasing and expression

• Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases

• State the main idea, theme, and supporting details of a passage, poem or text selection

• Cite passages from text to confirm or defend predictions and inferences

• Explain ideas or events of a text in sequential order

• Determine the author’s purpose and support one's decision with evidence/details from the text

• Understand story elements such as characters, setting, plot, conflict, theme and resolution

• Compare and contrast information in different genres

• Interpret figurative language, including similes and metaphors, in context

• Write with a command of English conventions using appropriate capitalization, punctuation, grammar, usage and spelling

• Write logical, clear paragraphs and essays on a variety of topics

At Keys to Reading, we understand the milestones for reading and writing success. The benefits of going through the All Stars program optimize academic skills for the classroom setting. Keep in mind that kids develop at different paces and spend varying amounts of time at each stage. However, if you have concerns, talk to Rhonda, Director, who can advise, develop and plan an individualized program for your child in reading and writing during their school years. Early intervention is key to academic progress so call today.

Please call Rhonda at (516) 829-4048 and/or email at any further questions you may have regarding this exciting new innovative program.