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Keys to Reading announces an exciting new program.

                    Keen Kids - Ages 4-5

Keen Kids is a reading, writing, spelling and comprehension program taught by Rhonda, Director of Keys to Reading, and is geared for Pre-K students.

Aligned with the Common Core State Standards, some of the prerequisite reading and writing skills taught to 4 year olds in the Keen Kids program are:

• Read his/her name

• Recite the alphabet

• Recognize some or all of the letters in the alphabet

• Correspond some or all letters with their correct sound

• Make rhymes

• Hold a book right side up with the spine on the left, front cover showing

• Recognize that the progression of the text is left to right, top to bottom

• Echo simple text that is read to them

• Recognize that text holds meaning

• Retell a favorite story

• Writing readiness

If your child is not quite steady in all of these areas, do not panic. Every child starts kindergarten at a different level and teachers already expect a huge variation in the skills each student brings. However, the benefit of attending our Keen Kids program is that your child will get a jump start into reading rather than gain these prerequisite skills toward the middle or the end of the kindergarten school year.


Please call Rhonda at (516) 829-4048 and/or email at any further questions you may have regarding this exciting new innovative program.